Welcome to the InterAct Youth Arts Festival 2016!

Thursday 7th July – Saturday 9th July
Thursday 25th August – Saturday 27th August

See the Arts from Both Sides Now…

Two Separate weeks of summer arts for 12-21 year olds


  • “offers many opportunities to young people and raises happiness levels!” – Rory O’Donnell, 18
  • “brings people of different backgrounds together. It taught me about a different culture” – Enya O’Doherty, 18
  • “teaches young people skills they never thought they could learn” – Bethany Doherty, 17
  • “can be for a multiple age and everyone has fun” – Molly Wilson-Hogg, 13
  • “exhibits different cultures and allows creativity to flourish” – Laura Mullan, 17
  • “is excellent training and experience especially as it’s free” – Claire Wisener, 19
  • “shows off your skills” – Alicia McMonagle, 16
  • “gives us something to do in Summer… it educated me”– Michelle McDaid, 12
  • “allows us to let off creative steam… I didn’t think I could write very well until today ?” – Ciara Mullan, 17
  • “keeps you fit” – Megan Carlin, 14
  • “told me to open my mouth more often”– Ashton Murphy, 12
  • “keeps young people involved in activities and off the streets” – Catherine Ward, 16
  • “was an interesting way of bonding” – Jake Allan, 13
  • “was inspiring”– Yelena McTague, 14
  • “helped my acting”– Courtney Browne, 13
  • “taught me things I didn’t know about directing”– Tori Mason, 15
  • “helped me gain skills in filming”– David Prince, 17
  • “it was what I was hoping to do in the future”– Loughlin Boyle, 15
  • “was a boost of confidence”– Nathan Hegarty, 16
  • “was a new experience… I now have a great new band” – Matthew Prince, 15

it’s a chance to learn something new over the summer” “it helped me use a 35mm camera