Welcome to InterAct Youth Arts Festival 2013

Saturday 27th July ~ Monday 5th August 2013

10-days 10-venues of arts events for 12-21 year olds

  • “It gives people the opportunities to explore new talents” (Street Dance) – Catherine Ward, 15
  • “It’s good and fun. It helped me learn more drum rudiments ” (Drumathon) – Holly O’Doherty, 13
  • “I learnt new artistic skils. It helped me make new friends” (Animation) – Zoe Porter, 15
  • “Teaches people a lot of useful things about music. It showed me how to get my music know” (Song Writing Masterclass) – Caolan Moore, 14
  • “It’s a chance to learn something new over the summer. It helped me use a 35mm camera” (35mm Photography) – Eimear Campbell, 16
  • “Great experience and gave me a chance to shine and work on my acting skills” (Actors Studio) – Aaron Deery, 18
  • “It gives them something fun and educational to do. It helped me on my knowledge of art” (Comic Arts) – Rhea Moore, 14
  • “It’s a fun, free way of learning. It showed me a lot of my own ability- Niamh McCay, 14
  • “You find out new things and get to see behind the scenes. I learnt how to use the lighting and sound of the theatre” (Stage Tech School) – Rebecca Sweeney, 13
  • “I enjoyed playing exercise games and learning useful information on acting. It helped me with my confidence” (Acting for School Auditions) – Bronagh Murphy, 16
  • “It helped me learn a lot about what I am interested in. I know more about the basis of the programme” (Digital Game Design) – Billy Putt, 14

it’s a chance to learn something new over the summer” “it helped me use a 35mm camera