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InterAct Youth Forum

Youth Forum

So what’s the Youth Forum?

The Youth Forum is integral in the programming, design, publicity and delivery of InterAct Youth Arts Festival. This is a Festival created by youth, for youth, so if you are a local teen, you decide what shape InterAct will take, choosing workshops, themes, facilitators, films and music acts.

And what’s this Festival all about?

If you missed InterAct last year or the year before, shame on you, it was amazing. Here’s a heads up… InterAct Youth Arts Festival will take place over 6 days, starting Monday the 3rd July to Saturday 8th July. The Festival will offer free workshops, special guest events and live performances for 12-21 year olds in several venues over the course of the festival.

So what’s in it for you?

If you become a member of the Youth Forum you will: gain first-hand experience of organising a festival; learn about the Arts and the practicalities of event management, programming, publicity, print, radio and online marketing; learn essential transferable skills, such as team-building and public speaking; meet loads of new people, and have fun.

What are we looking for?

Bright young people with big ideas who are committed to seeing the project through from start to finish.


Contact Daryl Moore on 028 7127 2776 or email